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Introducing QtLocalAuthenticator

You are creating a mobile application with Qt and want to secure the access to some content? You want to use the Touch ID on iOS based devices? Then you should take 2 minutes and read on :)

QtLocalAuthenticator I have created a small git repository with a Qt C++ module and a QML module around the native LocalAuthentication class [1]:
What is possible: C++ and QML supportsetting the authentication policy: biometric and password OR just biometricsetting the authentication reasion: shows a text to the user why you want to use the authenticationcheck if the device supports the authentication policies, e.g. check if Touch ID is available How to use? Clone or download the code, open a terminal and switch to the source code location. Then, compile and install the modules:
[<Path-To-Qt-Installation>/bin/]qmake make make install
If you have an existing QML application, import the module:
import jsee23.authenticator 0.1
Then, use the LocalAuthentic…