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Qt5 on Windows Phone 8

Today, I'm going to blog something about Qt5 on Windows Phone 8.
Last week, Digia released a Technology Preview for the WinRT libraries [1].
The WinRT (= Windows Runtime) is the base library for developing Windows 8 (also including WindowsRT on ARM) and Windows Phone 8 apps. So, I wanted to try it out for my Nokia Lumia 820.

Before you can compile the sources, you have to install the Windows Phone SDK!!!

First, you're starting with downloading the sources and extract them [2]. Then start configuring the build with:
> configure -xplatform winphone-arm-msvc2012 -debug
After this process, you cann run
> nmake
> nmake install
Congratulation! You've compiled Qt5 Technology Preview for Windows Phone 8.
You see how easy it is to build it. But you have to be aware, that not every part of the qtbase module is implemented. E.g. the Qt5Network module.

But now, the hard part is starting: you want to compile a Qt application.
I've started with compiling some offical q…