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Building QtWebKit Technology Preview 5 from Sources

Updates for the QtWebKit module were dropped by the Qt Company after switching to the Blink-/Chrome-based QtWebEngine module. After years of development, there is still a lack of features that where available in the original QtWebKit module.

Because of different reasons, some guys started to update the QtWebKit module with fresh code from the WebKit repositories. What you don't expect: WebKit is really alive and has implemented a bunch of new web features.

Last week, the Technical Preview 5 was released [1]. It should be compatible with any recent Qt5 version, in the following chapters you will see how to build it from source or how to use the pre-built binaries for Qt5.8.

1. Build QtWebKit TP5 from sources
1.1. download & extract QtWebKit TP5 sources
The release page of QtWebKit TP5 contains the source code package for building the module by yourself. Download it [2].

On Mac  & Linux, extract the sources and change to the directory:
$ tar xf qtwebkit-tp5.tar.xz
$ cd qtwebkit-…