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Qt5.4 Beta, QtQuickControls and changing Android theme

Qt5.4 is coming closer...currently, 5.4 is in the Beta state. So today, I downloaded the Beta for Android on Windows and tried some things out.

In a previous post, I showed the new Android-style for the QtQuickControls module. Today, we will look how we could change the theme in a Qt-app on Android.

So, changing the theme....a Qt guru may think this will work with the QPalette class. With QPalette, you can define the background color, text color, ... in a platform-independent way. But QPalette won't be a good choice for Android...

On Android, we're facing a different, but very famous problem: the "Android fragmentation". Qt is supporting a minimum Android SDK version 10, current SDK version is 21 a.k.a. "Lollipop".
(by the way: QtQuickControls style for Android is working for SDK version 11+)
During the SDK version, the style of the native controls changed a lot! So, "native look-and-feel" on SDK v10 is very different than "native look-and-fe…