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Qt5 on Windows Phone - Current State

It's been some time since my last post, today I'm posting again about the state of the Qt-framework on Windows Phone. Remember, Digia and the qt-project are currently working to port their famous C++ framework Qt to WinRT (= Windows Runtime). This port includes to targetting Windows 8 Apps on desktop machines and tablet (including Windows RT on ARM cpus) AND Windows Phone 8.

In december 2013, Digia presented a technology preview of the WinRT port [1]. During this time, only a few parts of the qtbase module worked. But on 27th feburary 2014, they released the Alpha of Qt5.3, with a testable version of the Qml/Quick modules on WinRT. At the same time, they released QtCreator 3.1 Beta, with an experimental version of a QtCreator-WinRT-plugin, which imply: you can develop apps for Windows Phone 8 with QtCreator. So I decided to give it another try!

First, I downloaded the Alpha sources on, but: don't do this! There are to many changes during that release, on the Q…