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QtQuickControls style for Android in Qt5.4 - First touch

With the upcoming release of Qt5.4 in October, developers have now the chance to use QML components with Android-native look-and-feel. As the QWidget-module have an Android style a long time ago, QML and its QtQuickControls-module will follow now!

I compiled the pre-Alpha state of Qt5.4 and take a look at the Android style. So, I compiled these modules for android:

qtbaseqtdeclarativeqtquickcontrols Try it on your own or wait until the Beta release of Qt5.4 (sheduled to 4th September 2014), which will ship out binary installers (no compiling work for you!).
Then, create a simple QtQuick/QML app, which includes some control elements like Button, Slider, Menu, etc. Alternative, you can clone J-P Nurmis's git repo "catalog" (, a small example app which show every control element. (By the way, J-P Nurmi created the Android style....thanks!)
Hereare two screenshots of my "helloandroid" app on my Amazon Fire HD:

My opinion: it looks …