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Native Look-and-Feel on Windows 10 Mobile with Qt / QML

The goal for today: create a QML app for Windows 10 Mobile, with a native look-and-feel!

The goal
Because this should be just about the UI and its QML items, I took an existing Windows 10 Mobile app and "copy" its UI, to see how we can achieve it with QML. The app to "copy" is the Alarm & Clock app:

The UI has, beside the common Modern UI controls, 3 major elements:
a sticky header with a toolbar, button with icons + textSwipe-able subpagesevery subpage has its own AppBar [1] with different icons and entries
The tools For the implementation, I'm using Qt 5.6(.0). Why? There are two main reasions.
The first reason is a new QML extension called "Qt Labs Controls" (see chapter "Further notes"), which makes it very easy to write re-usable UI controls with QML.
The Qt Labs Controls are the successor of the QtQuickControls1 module, which is present since the early Qt5 days. QtQuickControls1 had many issues when it comes the performance and its ge…